PowerDNS Part 3 – Create zone (Ubuntu)

In this post, I will cover the installation of PowerDNS Authoritative server (Part 3 of 3).

I used cloudflare as DNS server for the root zone.

Configure the zone with the following commands on the Master PDNS server. Replace the domains with your domain.

pdnsutil create-zone zone.domain.com
pdnsutil set-kind zone.domain.com MASTER
pdnsutil add-record zone.domain.com @ NS ns2.zone.domain.com
pdnsutil add-record zone.domain.com @ NS ns1.zone.domain.com
pdnsutil add-record zone.domain.com ns1 A
pdnsutil add-record zone.domain.com ns2 A
pdnsutil replace-rrset zone.domain.com . SOA 'ns1.zone.domain.com. mail.domain.com. 1 10800 3600 604800 3600'
pdnsutil secure-zone zone.domain.com
pdnsutil increase-serial zone.domain.com
pdns_control notify zone.domain.com

Cloudflare must trust zone.domain.com. Add the DS key to Cloudflare.

Check your zone(s):

check all zones
pdnsutil check-all-zones

List the zone(s):

pdnsutil list-zone zone.domain.com
pdnsutil show-zone zone.domain.com

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