Hello world!

Hello! My name is Tom van Brienen. I am IT Consultant in the Netherlands. I had a blog called ‘tomvanbrienen.nl’. Time for a fresh start with this blog!

I will slowly shift the focus towards cloud & hybrid solutions with this blog. Think of OVH, Hetzner, Azure and AWS services. But of course I will also post about Windows and Linux implementations.

I will cover the following topics on this blog:

  • LXD Containers (LXD stands for Linux Container Daemon)
  • Azure & AWS configurations based on my lab & personal experience
  • Hetzner & OVH Cloud and Dedicated server configurations
  • Cybersecurity topics & recommendations
  • Maybe a geek post about retro PCs or projects (rare)

PS, I will set up an about page later where you can find more info about me.

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